Using Google Adwords to Increase Traffic to Your Website

If you have been trying to find ways to increase your internet marketing then you may have considered using Google AdWords. Essentially this is a way to help you increase the volume of traffic you receive on your website and can be an incredibly useful tool.

Quality Scores

You may notice that the phrase quality score is used but if you are new to internet marketing you may not understand what this means. The areas that are key to having a good quality score are the relationship between your keyword and your advert, the performance of your keywords, the quantity and quality of content related to your keyword on your site and how long visitors spend looking at your site.


The keywords that you choose for your content are incredibly important so it is vital that you give this area care and consideration. These can be a single keyword or perhaps even a phrase, whatever you select will ultimately depend on the nature of your website and home business. You may be able to carry out free keyword research by using one of the many websites available which can help ensure you select relevant keywords.

Other ways to help increase internet marketing traffic to your site include offering one or more of your competitors an incentive to direct traffic your way or purchasing exit traffic from another website.

Check your Ads

If you have placed an internet marketing ad then it is vital that you check on this to see how it is performing. You can use one of many online tools to help track this and check to see the rank of your keywords. This is important since you may discover that your approach is not as effective as it could be and you can therefore make changes as appropriate. Keep in mind that Google will often let you know your average position so there is a chance that your ads could rank well in one area and but low in others.

Adding Flash Banners Into Google Adwords

Image banners are an important aspect of Google Ad Words that will make a more eye catching banner in Google Ad Words and will result in a higher click through rate than conventional Photoshop banners. They will make you stand out from your competition; just as long as they look professional and clean. If you want to step it up a level, create Flash animated banners. Banners for Ad Words come in different sizes for you to choose from, Skyscrapers, banners and squares in many different pixel sizes.

Creating a Flash banner is easy even for the novice Flash user. If you are not familiar with, go to YouTube and search beginning Flash tutorials and Flash tweening tutorials. Tweening is what makes the static images move. If you know Photoshop or any other Adobe product; you will see a lot that looks the same. Import images to the stage and experiments with all the working parts that Flash has to offer. One key is to keep it simple, if you try to put to many moving parts, it will distracting and will do more harm than good.

Once you have the banner complete, you have to do a few things to make allow Ad Words to accept the banner. Ad Words requires you to add a code to a button symbol for tracking purposes. It is a easy step that can be confusing if you are not familiar with Flash.

The first step is to create a new layer, then select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle over your Convert to a “Button Symbol”, make it invisible by turning the Alpha to zero and the most important part that Google does not explain.

You have to name the “instance name.” This is VERY important because when you add the Action Script, you will refer to the button by this name.

Once all that is complete, click on the first frame of that layer, right click and select actions. In the action dialog box, insert this code:

// ……
function(event: MouseEvent) : void { URLRequest( root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG), “_blank”);

Here is the key, replace BUTTON_NAME_HERE with whatever you used for the “Instance Name” of your button. Mine was button so I just put button.add Event Listener

Once you have this complete, hit control and enter at the same time. This will play your movie, if you don’t see a error message appear, your movie is ready to be uploaded to Ad Words.

Guide to New Google Keyword Planner

Whether you’re a small business, PPC Manager or Web copywriter – you will have probably found yourself reading about the new Google Keyword Planner. Nobody likes change, but this time we don’t have a choice – it’s time to embrace the new. Here is our guide to Google’s Keyword Planner.

How to Access the Google Keyword Planner

Firstly you will need to create a Google adwords account. You will not need to pay for advertising but it is essential to set up an account first. Once this is active you can log in and select “Tools and Analysis” menu option then “keyword planner”.

The difference between the Google Keyword tool and Google Keyword planner

Firstly, you will need to access it through your Google Adwords account so the interface is a little different and it is generally more targeted toward advertisers. This does not mean however that you have to advertise to be able to use it.

In Google Keyword planner you will only be able to view exact matches on keywords. For instance the average number of searches will be based on how many people have actually typed in those exact keywords. This is opposed to the Google Keyword Tool where the default results showed a broad match for average search results.

The average search for keywords will most likely appear higher using the new tool. This is because you can’t distinguish between devices with the new tool. Whereas you used to be able to view average searches for keywords broken down by device.

It used to be that you could tell Google to show closely related terms to the entered keywords. This isn’t an option any more but it has been rumoured that Google may be bringing this option back.

How does a basic search work?

There are three options to choose from when you use Google Keyword planner.

1 – Search for keyword and adgroup ideas

This is the option to select if you are wanting to perform straight forward keyword research where you will simply enter in your keywords and Goggle shows you the searches based on that. Google will then show you suggested adgroups which are based on your keyword and advertising information.

2 – Enter or upload keywords to see how they perform

If you enter keywords or upload a file with keywords and get details related to ads that you could potentially use based on your chosen keywords. You will be able to see the average cost per click and estimated clicks etc

3 – Multiple keywords lists

Here you will be able to create two lists of keywords and Google comes up with a list of combinations of keywords based on this. A good way of doing this is to have one list that has a list of activities and the other a list of locations that you can partake in them. Google will then match them up to create the most effective combinations of keywords.