Google Adwords 1p Per Click

Can you imagine what it would be like to leverage the Google search network for as little as 1p per click? If you can’t imagine what it would do to your business then read what it would do to mine and apply the same patterns of thought to your business model: As an affiliate marketer, I can literally go to Clickbank, find a product that looks captivating, has a good sales pitch, and resides in a hungry niche, get my hoplink (affiliate URL), create an ultra-targetted ad in Google Adwords and direct hugely targetted traffic directly to the landing page. That means for the sake of 20 minutes work, I am now directing thousands of visitors at my affiliate link for huge profit margins. To put this into context, let’s assume that the product I’m affiliated with is a 40 product and the merchant is giving out 50% commission on each transaction. That means for each successful conversion, I’ll take 20 home with me. Now, If I’m getting traffic from Google at 1p per click then in theory only 1 person in 2,000 needs to purchase the product for me to break even. My experience with affiliate marketing is that a landing page with a great sales page and product typically converts at 1-2% IF you’ve targetted the Google Ad with the right keywords. This percentage can go up to as high as 10% if you can get in for keywords such as “buy product x” etc. But for the sake of this explanation, let’s assume that the product converts at 1%. This means that I’ll make 20 sales in 2000 visits to the site. That means I’ll make 400 in sales and my net profit will be 400 minus 20 (the cost to send the traffic) so 380. Not bad for a day’s work.

Now consider this. If you’re a merchant and have your own product, then you can double the profit using the same tactic because you can take all the money home yourself and you don’t need to pay an affiliate! Anyway, Why am I telling you all this? I am in the middle of reviewing a new product that was launched in November 2009 that promises to give you a Google Adwords CPC of 1 – 2p. Even though it sounds to good to be true, I have invested in the product and will be reviewing over the course of the coming week. The early signs are good, and I’m getting excited about it!! The full series of review videos can be watched on YouTube – you owe it to yourself to at least investigate this because it could be a massive money making strategy. Remember, Google Adwords is bid-driven system which means you are actively competing against the next bidder for the lowest Cost per Clicks. If you want to get ahead of the next guy then it’s important to have an effective Adwords strategy and remember, when this system gets into the mainstream, you’ll be the one who gets left behind! My full written review is to follow here shortly too, so stay tuned!

How To Use Google Adwords

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative online opportunity, but you will only be successful if you are able to drive huge amounts of traffic to your products. It is estimated that out of every one hundred visitors one will make a purchase. This means that you need to get as much traffic to your products as you possibly can.

Adwords is Google’s flagship advertising platofrm. Ads can be paid for in three ways; CPM (cost per impression), CPA (cost per action) and PPC (cost per click). Your advertising campaign is affected by two elements within Google’s Quality Scoring; the relevance and the quality score your ad attracts. The quality score is determined by Google’s Quality Score Algorithm, which gives your ad a type of valuation for your ad’s relevance to the product, performance and quality. You will need to invest in finding the hottest keywords and purchasing relevant ads for your products. Meeting these factors is going to mean that your ad receives a higher click-through rate (number of clicks being received by your ad) and this reduces the amount you pay for your ads.

You can use free marketing techniques to drive customers to your websites, such as article marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization but the only way to ensure visitors find your ads is by using pay-per-click methods with advertising mediums such as Adwords. Ads are run on, Google Search and Google Content Network. Learn how to use Google Adwords will dramatically increase your success in using the program.

Now there is a specialist guide that provides the answer to this conundrum, because it teaches you how to use Google Adwords and tells you how to get the best out of it. It is a known fact that Google provides the highest quality traffic online and now you can harness the power of Google when you know how to use Google Adwords.

This is what the guide will teach you:

– Obtain the lowest bid prices on hot keywords
– Get your ads listed higher in the search engines, for less
– Change your ‘slapped’ keywords and get them back online
– How to get a great quality score from Google
– Methods to increase traffic to your products
– Get your ads displayed immediately
– How to get started, find the hottest keywords and profitable products
– How to set up your advertising campaigns
– How to write better ads than your competitors
– How you can find niche keywords for any product
– Bid prices for $0.01 per click
– Gaining the best top positions within Google

The Quality Score Algorithm is changed constantly to ensure that the user experience is always excellent and this makes it very difficult for affiliates to know how to use Google Adwords. Now, whenever the changes are made to the Quality Score Algorithm, the guide is also updated to accommodate these changes so that you can consistenly meet the standards of the quality score algorithm, and these updates will be provided for life when you invest in the guide.

This guide has been developed especially for affiliates. It was developed by two internet marketing experts who have aslo built the rated #1 internet marketing training program. They have made it possible for every affiliate to learn how to use Google Adwords, to maximize their advertising potential and to amass huge amounts of traffic to their products.

The guide shows beginners how to use Google Adwords, provides guidance and takes them through the entire program starting with creating an Adwords account. It teaches you what you need to know about the Quality Score and shows you how to use Google Adwords with proper ad grouping techniques. Learning how to use Google Adwords will lead you to become an expert as you learn how to maximize your advertising strategies with Google. You will also be shown how to build structured keyword lists with Google Adwords in mind.

You can follow step-by-step instructions to create your first ad and get targeted customers to your offer. The revolutionary ‘Adwords formula’ will enable you to promote any product, under any keywords for a lower price than any other advertiser. Learn how to use Google Adwords and increase your ROI by 100% in a matter of a few days, because this guide includes marketing strategies that have not yet been revealed. This e-book takes you through the entire process step-by-step.

This is what it provides:

– Step-by-step instructions on how to use Google Adwords and optimized techniques

– How to make your competition increase your earnings

– Proven marketing strategies and hints and tips

– How to create a BONUS product that will increase conversions

– Advanced marketing techniques for choosing your Clickbank products

– How to create effective, amazing landing pages that sell

– Advanced landing page techniques to increase conversions

– How to update your landing pages for optimization

– Uncover the secrets of the Quality Score Algorithm

– Advanced techniques for testing and analyzing your marketing campaigns

– How to pay less than your competition and how to promote a top-converting product

– Keyword lists included and constant free updates

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you will need to be taught how to use Google Adwords and this is the information you need to increase traffic to your products. Even if you are an advanced affiliate, you are guaranteed to make more money from increased sales and decreased advertising costs with this system. You will know how to use Google Adwords to double your profits. Of course, you will benefit from Google providing you with a high quality score but think about how this will increase the base of customers coming to your products.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it won’t make you a millionaire overnight, so don’t believe any claims you read about it being such. What this e-book will teach you is how to use Google Adwords, what more do you need?
This guide is developed knowing that everyone learns differently. How many times have you invested in an e-book that promises the earth but you still don’t know how to implement what it is teaching? This guide delivers on its promises.

If you don’t have a large budget for advertising, then you can’t compete with those that do. This guide will help you compete with your competitors who may have more money than you to spend on ad campaigns. And you don’t need any specialist technical skills or prior experience because the guide is written in an easy-to-follow style and language and teaches you how to use Google Adwords. This guide is available digitally so you gain immediate access upon ordering.

If you find that you have implemented the techniques found in this guide and yet you still don’t increase traffic to your products and don’t make money, you will be due a refund. Order the guide now and gain targeted traffic to your products. This is the only guide you will ever need to know how to use Google Adwords.

Google Adwords – 5 Tips & Tricks

Google Adwords can help you drive a great deal of traffic to your site if you know how to make the most of this advertising system. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about this marketing program, here are the 5 best tips for using it effectively.

Split Testing

This is a technique used to drastically improve your click-through-rate (CTR) in your ads. Adwords involves writing articles for your site. With split-testing, you would create a new ad campaign and write two ads that were almost identical. However, one of these ads should be just a little different than the other. Leave both ads to do their thing for a fortnight, after this time one of them should be leading the way with its CTR. Change up the one that had a smaller CTR and keep experimenting with it until it can beat the other one. Try to test the ads for a certain period in order to account for audience and day of the week fluctuations. Another variation that you can test the market for is the time of day that your ads are being displayed to viewers. The times in which you display them should have a certain level of impact on how well they perform.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can help you create a more highly targeted ad. One example of this would be if you were selling a product and you didn’t want to be charged per-click for the visitors that are looking to get something for free. This is done by putting ‘free’ with a negative sign before it within your list of negative words.

Ask a Question

Adwords results show that people are more likely to click on an ad which asks them a question and seems to offer them an answer. Experiment by making the title of your advertisement a question as a means of catching the attention of the reader, and then by answering the question with a solution in the text of the ad.

Stay Within Your Budget

When you are first deciding on a daily budget, do not overpay! A small budget will allow you to test your campaign without much risk. You can also test more than one campaign for a variety of keywords and learn about what people are searching for on the internet without breaking the bank. A good start-up goal is $20 for the full day, paying less than 50-cents for each PPC – ideally in the 5 to 10-cent range – and don’t increase that amount until you start seeing some sales

Choosing Keywords

Don’t pick as many keywords as possible so you can get displayed as much as you can. You do not want to have so many keywords that are not clicked on that it lowers your CTR and deducts from your quality score. Choose keywords that are highly targeted for your product, site or service, with no more than 20 to start with as more will be added later on. When you first start an ad campaign the main trick is to take things slowly, don’t try do too much too soon, as the ad campaigns prove to be successful, or you manage to alter them so they become successful, then you can start to up the tempo a bit.