Google Adwords 1p Per Click

Can you imagine what it would be like to leverage the Google search network for as little as 1p per click? If you can’t imagine what it would do to your business then read what it would do to mine and apply the same patterns of thought to your business model: As an affiliate marketer, I can literally go to Clickbank, find a product that looks captivating, has a good sales pitch, and resides in a hungry niche, get my hoplink (affiliate URL), create an ultra-targetted ad in Google Adwords and direct hugely targetted traffic directly to the landing page. That means for the sake of 20 minutes work, I am now directing thousands of visitors at my affiliate link for huge profit margins. To put this into context, let’s assume that the product I’m affiliated with is a 40 product and the merchant is giving out 50% commission on each transaction. That means for each successful conversion, I’ll take 20 home with me. Now, If I’m getting traffic from Google at 1p per click then in theory only 1 person in 2,000 needs to purchase the product for me to break even. My experience with affiliate marketing is that a landing page with a great sales page and product typically converts at 1-2% IF you’ve targetted the Google Ad with the right keywords. This percentage can go up to as high as 10% if you can get in for keywords such as “buy product x” etc. But for the sake of this explanation, let’s assume that the product converts at 1%. This means that I’ll make 20 sales in 2000 visits to the site. That means I’ll make 400 in sales and my net profit will be 400 minus 20 (the cost to send the traffic) so 380. Not bad for a day’s work.

Now consider this. If you’re a merchant and have your own product, then you can double the profit using the same tactic because you can take all the money home yourself and you don’t need to pay an affiliate! Anyway, Why am I telling you all this? I am in the middle of reviewing a new product that was launched in November 2009 that promises to give you a Google Adwords CPC of 1 – 2p. Even though it sounds to good to be true, I have invested in the product and will be reviewing over the course of the coming week. The early signs are good, and I’m getting excited about it!! The full series of review videos can be watched on YouTube – you owe it to yourself to at least investigate this because it could be a massive money making strategy. Remember, Google Adwords is bid-driven system which means you are actively competing against the next bidder for the lowest Cost per Clicks. If you want to get ahead of the next guy then it’s important to have an effective Adwords strategy and remember, when this system gets into the mainstream, you’ll be the one who gets left behind! My full written review is to follow here shortly too, so stay tuned!